Losing one or more of your teeth not only hurts the appearance of your smile, but it also hurts your oral health. While crowns, bridges, and dentures are all common tooth replacement procedures, dental implants are becoming a more popular way for patients to restore their smile.

Dental implants consist of an artificial tooth root placed in your jawbone that creates a permanent, strong foundation and structure for a replacement tooth. Dental implants differ from other tooth replacement options because it not only replaces the tooth, but the root as well, which helps protect the integrity of your jawbone and remaining teeth.

Signs You May Need Dental Implants

While dental implants aren’t for everyone, they can solve many problems permanently that other dental procedures will only solve temporarily. If you are wondering whether dental implants are a solution for you. Let’s look at four signs that indicate you may be a candidate for dental implants.

1. You Are Missing One or More Teeth

If you have had a tooth extracted but have not yet had it replaced, this can eventually cause issues with your bite. Your teeth rely on one another to stay positioned properly, and a gap between them can cause others to migrate, creating unwanted gaps, affecting your smile, and impacting your ability to chew food. If you have one or more gaps that haven’t been filled, dental implants may just be the solution you need.

2. One or More Teeth Need Replacing

For one reason or another — whether by decay, disease, injury, or accident — some people simply need to replace one or two teeth, some may even need a full replacement set of teeth. Permanent dental implants are safer and more reliable than dental bridges, crowns, or dentures. Plus, they are also less prone to infection.

3. An Existing Crown or Bridge Needs Replacing

Crowns, bridges, and dentures, while they are effective treatments, won’t last forever. If you already have a crown or a bridge in place from a broken or extracted tooth that needs to be replaced, rather than spending money on another replacement, consider dental implants as a once-and-done solution rather than repeating the cycle.

4. You Aren’t Confident In Your Smile

For various reasons, some people are not happy or confident with the way their teeth and smile looks. Maybe your teeth are discolored, uneven, or damaged; maybe existing gaps have affected how your teeth are positioned. Maybe you hesitate to smile because of the way your teeth look. If you can relate to any of these issues, you are not alone. The good news is that most people who fit this description gain a huge boost in confidence after having dental implants!

If you think you might need dental implants, it’s time to schedule a consultation with your dentist to learn more about the procedure and see whether you are a good candidate. At Brandywine Smile Center, we specialize in dental implants and other tooth replacement procedures. If you are interested in learning if dental implants are right for you, schedule a consultation today!