Green Dentistry- Because we care.

The Brandywine Smile Center is a dental practice committed to caring for our environment. We continue to incorporate numerous new procedures, policies and technologies to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We care about dentistry and we care about tomorrow.

Reduce Waste

We are always looking for ways to reduce waste. We have a commitment to recycling whenever possible. We have instituted a program of using recycled paper products. Our paper towels, facial tissue and computer paper all contain a minimum of 45% recycled materials. Paperless record keeping reduces paper consumption and waste.

Save Energy

A dental office uses a lot of equipment that consumes energy. You can rest assured that we are always conscious of this and strive to reduce this consumption whenever possible. Digital Radiography – Yes the digital x-rays we have been using since the early days are the greenest possible. No plastic films or vinyl wrappers. No lead liners to worry about contaminating our waste stream. No hazardous chemicals are necessary to develop the films and no x-ray processor to run continuously. We have installed energy efficient lighting solutions whenever possible. Our heating and cooling system has been upgraded to the most energy efficient model and we are using programmable climate controls to reduce wasteful heating and cooling energy. Our website, is running on servers powered by the wind.

Use less water

Water is used for so many things in a dental office. We have installed technology to reduce our consumption and make sure what goes back into the environment is safe.A high-tech amalgam separator keeps used mercury dental fillings from contaminating the waste water. We recently installed a high efficiency dental vacuum system that uses less energy and significantly less water.

We care about our patients and the world we share.