Laser Dentistry can be confusing. Here at the Brandywine Smile Center we have been providing laser assisted dental procedures for nearly 10 years. During that time the technology as advanced and so have we. We use the laser on children and adults every day. Our office is now equipped with the Lightwalker AT laser by Lares research. It contains two lasers, the ER:YAG laser for many applications including hard tissue. We are also fortunate to have the Nd:YAG laser to use for soft tissue procedures. By offering two distinctly different wavelength lasers, we can provide a wide range of laser services. Our doctors are continually updating the education to provide the most up-to-date dental services and procedures. Our patients deserve the best.

Why use a laser?

When a laser is used instead of a dental handpiece or scalpel there is less trauma to the tissues. This often (but not always) means a procedures can be performed without the need for local anesthesia. The laser is ideal for small restorations, restorations in teeth that have never been restored before (virgin teeth) and children. Our young patients LOVE the laser. No shots, no drill and the process is fast. Each year more and more dental procedures can be completed with the laser. Unlike the dental drill there is no shrill whine. Just a gentle water spray and slight tapping or popping sound.

No Numb Lip? – Really?

For most laser procedures we will use a penetrating topical anesthetic that simply numbs the tooth. This relieves any sensitivity that may result from the water spray. Your lips and tongue are not numb and you may eat or drink immediately after most procedures. Really. Of course, if you prefer an injection of local anesthesia, we offer that too.

Conservative Restorations

The pinpoint accuracy and control of the laser energy allows us to remove just the decay. This means smaller restorations and less removal of healthy tooth

structure. Our doctors will often wear magnification glasses to keep your restorations as small as possible while still removing the decay.

Aphthous Ulcers, Canker Sores, Cold Sores

Canker sores and fever blisters, which are triggered by the herpes simplex I virus, are painful ulcers and lesions that develop in the mouth and around the lips. The usual course of healing takes from 10 days to 2 weeks. Soft tissue laser treatment initiated in the prodromal (tingling) or beginning stage can significantly reduce this healing time. After a 1 minute 30 second procedure that is completely painless, relief is felt as early as the next day.

Laser Periodontal Surgery

The newest techniques in periodontal (gum) surgical procedures are available at the Brandywine Smile Center. Both of our doctors have been trained using the WPT or PIPS technique to provide state of the art treatment for gum diseases.

Why not use it for everything?

Laser dentistry will not work for everything. The laser energy cannot remove old metallic restorations. It also cannot be used for certain crown preparation procedures. However, the laser may often be used as an adjunct to traditional procedures. We have invested in this technology because it provides the best most comfortable dentistry for all.

What does it mean for me?

During treatment you will be asked to wear special goggles that block any stray light from the laser handpiece. The area we are working in will receive a topical anesthetic if necessary. (many procedures require no anesthetic at all). In just a few moments, your treatment will be complete. Most patients are thrilled with the speed and comfort of laser dentistry. Ask us if laser therapy is right for you!