Preventive Services

  • Thorough Comprehensive Exams
  • Digital Radiography
  • Dental Hygiene services
  • Fluoride therapy for adults and children
  • Pit and fissure Sealants
  • Oral ID cancer screening

Athletic Mouthguards

With all of the concern about concussive injuries it is important to protect not only our teeth but our brain as well. Research has shown that a well fitted mouthguard can help protect against concussive injury. We strongly encourage all of our patients who participate in any contact sports to wear a mouthguard.

Pro-Form® Custom made athletic mouthguard and Brain-Pad Lo-Pro Mouthguard

Restorative Services

White Dental Fillings

Endodontic Services – Root canal therapy

We are able to provide root canal treatment in our office. No need to refer you out to a specialist! Dr. Serena Colletti is our Endodontist who is specially trained to provide the highest quality root canal treatment right here in our Glen Mills office.

Periodontal (Gum Disease) treatments

Gum disease is not a natural part of getting older. In fact, recent studies show that untreated periodontal conditions can have an adverse effect on our health. Learn more! So be good to yourself and treat your gums right!

Tooth Replacements

Implant Surgery
Fixed Bridgework
Implant restorations
Partial and Complete Dentures

TMJ and other oral appliance therapies

Bite Soft
Soft Occlusal Guard
TMJ splint
Aveo Sleep Apnea