One of the most desired traits people seek in their smile is white teeth and for good reason. Your smile is one of the first things others often notice about you and a beautiful, white smile shows you care about your oral health. Plus, who doesn’t love the boost in confidence knowing their smile looks amazing? Depending on your lifestyle, diet and oral care habits, everyone’s teeth darken over time at different rates. Drinking coffee, tea, soda, red wine will all stain your teeth over time, and more unhealthy habits such as smoking will cause more rapid staining of your teeth. But there are solutions!

Teeth whitening is a fantastic way to rejuvenate your smile and have your teeth looking great once again. Receiving expert teeth whitening from a trained dentist is the only way to see actual whitening as non-professional methods are both clinically unproven and generally produce lackluster results. Teeth whitening with a professional, trained dentist is proven to be extremely safe and effective, often considered the safest cosmetic procedure in dentistry! Thanks to incredible advancements in the products and techniques used by professional, trained dentists, teeth whitening has never been easier!


Opalescence Go Whitening

Professional Results – To Go!

Over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions can only take you so far. Instead, receive the expert touch of a trained professional, but on the go! Opalescence Go is an amazing, professional alternative to other inferior teeth whitening options available over the counter, allowing you a simple, fast and great-tasting method of whitening your teeth or for touch-ups. There are no custom trays necessary and no impressions. Simply open the package and Opalescence Go is ready to use! Let’s take a closer look at what Opalescence Go has:

  • Contains potassium nitrate and fluoride
  • Potassium nitrate is proven to help reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Fluoride helps reduce cavities and strengthen the enamel
  • Potassium nitrate and fluoride used together to improve the overall health of the teeth
  • No impressions, no models and zero lab time
  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Adapt to any smile
  • Discreet, clear tray material
  • Wear 15-20 minutes for five to 10 days
  • Available in mint flavors

Tray Bleaching

Customized for Each Patient

Custom trays are fabricated to hold a simple bleaching gel next to teeth. We offer tray bleaching at 20-percent carbamide peroxide solution. This includes the trays and eight tubes of bleaching gel.