Not all nearby dentist offices are the same. In fact, dental offices can have a difference in the quality of dental treatment offered to their patients, especially if a dental office does not invest in the most modern dental technology.

Because providing the best patient care is our primary concern here at Brandywine Smile Center, we strive to offer the latest technological advancements in the dentistry field, which is why we offer dental digital radiography as part of our general dentistry services!

What Is Dental Radiography?

If you haven’t yet heard of dental radiography, you are not alone. Digital radiography is a form of dental x-ray imaging where sensors are used rather than the traditional photographic film. This technology allows our dentist to get a better view of your mouth. With improved detail, diagnostic accuracy also improves, meaning that patients that visit our Glen Mills dentist will receive the best dental care possible!

How Are Digital Dental X-Rays Taken?

The process for digital dental radiography is actually quite similar to traditional dental x-rays that use film. Like traditional x-rays, with digital radiography, a sensor is inserted into your mouth to capture images of your teeth. However, that’s where the similarities between the two end. Although it resembles the film used for bitewings and other x-rays, the digital sensor is electronic and connected to a computer. Once the x-ray is taken, the detailed image is projected on a screen for your dentist to view.

What Are Some Of The Benefits of Digital Radiography?

Benefits of digital dental radiographs compared to traditional dental X-rays include the following:

  • Less Radiation. The equipment and technology used in digital radiography expose patients to much less radiation. In fact, digital x-rays use up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional ones.
  • Faster Dental Appointments. Let’s face it, nobody really enjoys going to the dentist. But with digital radiography, the process is fairly quick, resulting in a faster dental appointment.
  • Quality Digital Imaging. Digital dental x-rays offer more detailed imaging for dentists to view.  Once on the screen, digital x-rays can be enlarged or magnified for a better visual of the structure of a tooth.  

Are Digital Dental X-Rays Safe?

While many people are concerned about dental x-ray radiation, the radiation emitted from a digital x-ray machine is significantly lowered. You can rest assured that these x-rays are safe.

Are you ready to experience the faster, safer, and more beneficial treatment thanks to digital dental x-rays? If you are due for a dental appointment or are experiencing any tooth pain or sensitivity, contact Brandywine Smile Center today!